Below are just some of the many testimonials we have gotten from our customers over the years.  We would love to hear from you once you have purchased  your Coaches club cannon!


Hello Rick, Doug S here.

I'm overjoyed to report that my BD mortar has arrived! It actually arrived yesterday (Tuesday, 11/28) at Cross Creek, but only today did I run up to the golf course to pick it up. Used the tractor to load the pallet right into the truck, drove home and got right to
unwrapping it!



SO PLEASED! It's exactly what I was looking for. I love the elevation handle! It has that nice knob, but it's also large enough to use as a hand wheel if you prefer! I'm so happy with the quality of materials/construction of this mortar.  Give me some time to get my paint on and I'll send photos / video of the first shot! And I will definitely be returning to CCC for more goodies in the future! Hope you're having a great holiday season! ~

Doug S.



Hi Rick,

Just wanted to send you a picture of all three of them together.   I took the 18 inch billiard ball cannon to are 4th of July party. Wow!!! What a BLAST!!!!
I can tell you without a doubt none of the fireworks there have anything close to the loudness of your Coaches Club Cannons have!!!!!!! I love the shockwave that goes through your body when it goes off!!! Well done Rick thanks for building a great product.


August, 2017


Rick ,
I just wanted to tell you that the shipment came in everything was in order and you make a beautiful product what a work of art I can't thank you enough I will be in touch 

Thank You,
Brian W.

February 2017


Mr Anderson,
The naval model barrel arrived sat, while the carriage came in Monday. It is up, pointed at me, and I am happy. Thanks so much for what you do. Please tell all involved they should be very proud of their workmanship. This will do very, very nicely. 


Gary G.

September 2016



When I bought your Big Daddy Mortar, you told me to send videos.  Well I am sending you a couple of pictures instead. One picture shows a decal that I made for the side of the mortar.  The other picture shows some custom paint jobs I put on some bowling balls.  I don't know if you recognize all of them, because I sure didn't.  I was educated by some kids as to what should be shot from a cannon.  They are: Angry Bird, Kenny (Southpark), Butters (Southpark), Evil Pacman, Pokemon Go, Pacman, Dead Pool and The Bomb.  The kids love it when I shoot them, but I am tired of painting them so now I use them for display only.  The Bomb is made from a fuse and stopper that I stuck in the thumb hole. I don't actually shoot it with the fuse in place.  

I hope this puts a smile on your face because your mortar has sure put a smile on mine.


Clovis H


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