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Standard Bowling Ball Mortar With Carriage

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Brand: Coaches Club
Product Code: BBM1

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Fuse for Black Powder Cannons:

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Standard Bowling Ball Mortar (not painted as shown in video).
The video below was made by some of our fans.  Watch them have fun with our bowling ball mortar.


When we tested: Hang time- 20+ seconds, Range- 1000 yds. plus, Results of Turkey Shoot-" We shot a 12 lbs. frozen turkey 75 yds. Bird  was tenderized, seared and delicious. Best Thanksgiving ever. Your results may vary.  "If it fits it shoots"

  • Weight 82 Pounds
  • Barrel 20"
  • Barrrel Outside Diameter 9.25"
  • Barrel Inside Diameter 8.75"
  • Wall - Pressure Tested .25" Steel Cylinder
  • Breech 6"x4" Solid 1018 Steel Rod
  • Powder Chamber 2" x 2" (max powder charge 3.5 oz)
  • Trunions - 2" x 12" Steel Rod
  • Ball Hang Time and Range Varies (our best hang time 15 seconds with 3.5oz Powder)


Carriage is fully welded 2"X3"X.120 steel tube

Trunnion mounts machined to tight tolerances  from 2" solid plate to perfectly secure trunnions using heavy 1/2" case hardened bolts.

Barrel support rod is a  solid 1" chrome steel rod that easily allows for adjusting barrel elevation.

Weight is 40 pounds.

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