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Big Daddy Bowling Ball Mortar

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Brand: Coaches Club
Product Code: BDBBM1
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Big Daddy Specs

When we tested: Muzzle velocity- 15 lbs ball, 800 ft/sec, Range- 1 mile plus, foot lbs.- you do the math. your results may vary. Conclusion: ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!  The biggest and baddest of them all. "If it fits it shoots".

  • Weight 150 Pounds
  • Barrel Length 30"
  • Barrrel Outside Diameter 9.5"
  • Barrel Inside Diameter 8.75"
  • Wall Thickness .375"
  • Breech 9"x4" Soid 1018 Steel Rod
  • Powder Chamber 2.5" x 2.5" (max powder charge 4 oz)
  • Trunions - 2" x 12" Steel Rod
  • Ball Hang Time and Range Varies (our best hang time 25 seconds with 4oz Powder)

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