Bowling Ball Mortar

"A bowling ball WHAT?!"  That's the reaction of most people who first see or hear about bowling ball mortars.  Yes, they really do shoot and can launch a bowling ball almost a mile, or a much shorter distance (depending on the powder and angle of elevation).  This is important  if you don't have a long field to shoot in. You can easily drop a bowling ball inside 200 yards.

Our bowling ball mortars are constructed of steel cylinders that have been carefully inspected and pressure tested.  Our design team had our expert welders and machinists fabricate a super heavy breech ,with a 2" powder chamber.  Our design is very efficient and can fire your cannon with a relatively  small amount of powder so you can shoot your mortar any distance you want, long or short. (see video below).

You may find sites on the internet that explain how to build them-- if you decide to build one yourself, be very careful!  Coaches Club Cannon's bowling ball mortars have been expertly designed and tested in the field!  Our prices are very reasonable considering the amount of work and precision that is built into every "Bowling Ball Mortar".  Our cannons are safe to assure your peace of mind when firing them.  An unbelievable fun experience,guaranteed by " Coaches Club Cannons".  NOBODY BUILDS THEM LIKE WE DO !

Want to read our firing and safety instructions?   View Firing and Saftey document here.

Check out some videos of our bowling ball mortars in action below, then make sure to check out our products below the videos!: