Find The Right Cannon For You

Bowling Ball Mortars: The bowling ball mortar is a complete physical and spiritual experience when it is fired. Nothing comes close to the feeling you get when one of these beasts goes off! For those of you who appreciate the rush of an explosion, this is the one for you. We offer a standard size bowling ball mortar and our “Big Daddy”. Push the limits, get yourself a Coaches Club Bowling Ball Mortar today.



Billiard Ball Cannons: Let Coaches Club introduce you to the big brother of our Golf ball cannons. We are offering this line for those of you that need a little extra “bang” for your buck. Our Billiard ball cannons are larger and heavier versions of similar Golf ball cannons. Billiard ball cannons shoot American Standard 2.25″ billiard balls. They also shoot 7.5 ounce Coke cans found in most grocery stores. You can fill the cans with anything you want from sand to water to cement. This gives you the ability to vary the weight of your projectile. Even if you shoot an empty soda can, there is a thunderous report!


Golf Ball Cannons: Don’t let the fact that this is our “smallest” cannon fool you. Our black powder Golf ball cannons are big and loud enough to get your adrenalin pumping but compact enough for easy transport and set up. If you are limited by space, most people shoot a 2” foam play ball found at any toy store. Coaches Club Cannons offers a variety of designs and barrel lengths to best meet your needs. The WW I and WW II versions are already a hit. They are just flat out cool!


SPECIALTY CANNONS AND NEW PRODUCTS This category is kind of a catch-all for new, unique, or one of a kind ,cannons and products that don't quite fit in other categories. Cannon Accessories, related products, or just fun stuff are examples of what  will end up here. Click now and see our new dynamite " MINI-FIFTY" naval cannon and carriage. Watch this space.  Fire up and have some fun!



Custom OrdersDo you have something really special in mind?  Let our expert team of designers and engineers create a custom cannon or mortar for you.  There will be a $100.00 design charge if submitting a custom request.  Design charge will be applied to final charge when ordering.  This fee is non-refundable if you choose not to purchase. Plating services available-- Black oxide, nickel or others.  Email or call for cost.

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