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Coaches Club was founded in 2006 by Rick Anderson. Rick has spent his career as a teacher, motivational speaker, entrepreneur, award winning historical model builder and strength coach for the Utah Jazz. His experience also includes 35 years of designing, manufacturing and innovating commercial strength and endurance equipment. Rick has always had a tremendous interest in military history and artillery. Rick has always enjoyed sharing his knowledge and expertise as an entrepreneur and a coach.  Remembering how much fun he had as a boy, “blowing things up” he created Coaches Club Cannons.

“I started the business because I discovered how incredibly fun it is to shoot a cannon, I wanted to share that with people” – Rick Anderson.

      "THIS IS THE MOST FUN I HAVE HAD IN TEN YEARS" – Cody Lueck (Utah County, Utah)

At Coaches Club Cannons we love creating both replica and custom cannons for our clients. Our cannon styles include 20th Century style artillery and an extensive line of more traditional 18th and 19th century designs. Our team of skilled and dedicated craftsmen ensures that our high quality products are fun and safe. Coaches Club creates products that last a lifetime.

"I attended a demonstration shoot, and loved every second of it!  From watching the fuses being lit, to hearing the loud booms, to seeing the projectiles land hundreds off feet away, there truly is nothing like it!  Can't wait to get my golf ball cannon!" - Peter

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